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Tramp Stamp Sideboard DIY

So I’ve been wanting a sideboard for my dining room for a while now. The extra storage would be very welcome. I really love this credenza from Dot and Bo. But $909? Really? It was impossible even before they abruptly closed their doors Friday. Michael just started laughing when I showed him….yea. Then I found… Continue reading Tramp Stamp Sideboard DIY

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Easy Rainbow Mirror DIY

Hey ya’ll, today I have a great DIY that I’m really excited about. It hits all those points that makes a project great: its supplies are easily sourced, it doesn’t take any special skills or know-how to complete, its colorful but completely customizable- you can go as crazy or as quiet with the colors as… Continue reading Easy Rainbow Mirror DIY

Budget project · Dining Room · DIY · Furniture Makeover

Palm Spring’s Dreamin’ Chairs

So, last time we took a look at my dining room makeover I had completed the table and it really showed off how horrible my chairs were! We had a set of mismatched chairs since before it was cool to have mismatched chairs. They were falling apart and I just pitched them. And if you… Continue reading Palm Spring’s Dreamin’ Chairs

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Peek-a-Boo Cabinet DIY

  I have a really fun project today that I’m quite proud of, so I’m going to get right to it. I am that excited, you won’t have to read through my near-compulsive ramblings first to get to the good stuff! (Hooray for you I know). I found this cabinet while thrifting a couple months… Continue reading Peek-a-Boo Cabinet DIY

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9 Mirror DIYs

  Cheveron Floor Mirror I love this project because this blogger thought outside the box for framing this floor standing mirror, beefing it up and adding bright, happy color at the same time. And she used inexpensive, easy to find materials, making this a project anyone can do.              … Continue reading 9 Mirror DIYs