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Steampunkish Wood burnt Hat Rack

This is going to be my year for organization. It’s going to be my family’s year for organization too, if I have to drag them kicking and screaming through it. I love them to death, each and every one of them, but they are all a bunch of pack rats. I try to convince them… Continue reading Steampunkish Wood burnt Hat Rack

Budget project · DIY · Home decor · Wall Art

Rustic Rockstar

My neighbor was recently purging her house of clutter and unused items. I happened to step outside right as she was leaving with a huge armload of boards. I mean, almost blocking her line of sight HUGE armload. I asked if I could help her carry those to her car and she said no, these… Continue reading Rustic Rockstar

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Sea Glass Plates

I would love to have different sets of dishes for different table settings every time we had guests over. But that’s just not in the budget. Honestly, if I told Michael this want he would give me the sideways-are-you-going-crazy look. So instead I switch things up with centerpieces and different decorations to fulfill my whims.… Continue reading Sea Glass Plates