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Welcome to my blog!

Hi, I’m Cynthia.  I wanted to take the time in this first post to introduce myself to you, and tell you a little bit about the type on content you can expect to find on Bliss on a Budget.

I have been crafting all my life, so when I got engaged on June 27, 2016 I knew I would be crafting as much of my wedding as I could.  I began scouring websites for inspiration, and tips on how to save money on a wedding.  And I was frustrated to see that a lot of the sites offered the same advice: convince someone else to do it for free.  That was their big plan?!  “Need to save money on flowers?  Ask a florist friend to give you the hook-up!”  The problem was I don’t have any florist friends.

So I started thinking about ways that I could do it myself.  I’ve spent tons of time online looking at craft sites figuring out the best way to save money on my wedding, but have it look like I spent a million bucks.  In the end, I think I was very successful.  Most of my guest were blown away at how beautiful everything looked, and several commented that I should do this as a living.

I loved every moment of planning my wedding.  I was able to be creative in new ways that I hadn’t explored before, and the end results were incredibly satisfactory.  I want to help you plan yours too.  I hope I can inspire you to take on some of these diys and show you how easy they can be.  We’ll cover everything from invitations, to flowers, to jewelry.  To tips on finding the right dj, venue, caterer and so on.

So, get your glue guns and glitter ready!




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