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Giant Wood Skull DIY

Hi everybody, how have ya’ll been? The last couple weeks, the flu hit our house. About a week ago my youngest son got it, and a couple of days ago my oldest was hit with it. Ugh. I have been working on finishing up the Halloween decorations (I’m so late, I know) but honestly, with… Continue reading Giant Wood Skull DIY

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Easy Rainbow Mirror DIY

Hey ya’ll, today I have a great DIY that I’m really excited about. It hits all those points that makes a project great: its supplies are easily sourced, it doesn’t take any special skills or know-how to complete, its colorful but completely customizable- you can go as crazy or as quiet with the colors as… Continue reading Easy Rainbow Mirror DIY

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Closet Decor from Pop Cans and Duct Tape

I have lived in quite a few rentals in my day. With every new new place challenges arise on how to decorate it. One thing that is seems always typical of rentals is the hollow-core sliding doors for the closet. I absolutely hate, hate, hate these things. If I have the opportunity, my usual response… Continue reading Closet Decor from Pop Cans and Duct Tape

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Crescent Moon Dreamcatcher DIY

Textiles are having a huge moment right now, and I for one couldn’t be happier. The yarn section in the craft store is like a little slice of Heaven. And it’s not only the rainbow of color or the myriad of hues that delightfully assaults the senses. It’s also the texture. Silky soft strands running… Continue reading Crescent Moon Dreamcatcher DIY

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Steampunkish Wood burnt Hat Rack

This is going to be my year for organization. It’s going to be my family’s year for organization too, if I have to drag them kicking and screaming through it. I love them to death, each and every one of them, but they are all a bunch of pack rats. I try to convince them… Continue reading Steampunkish Wood burnt Hat Rack

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Rustic Rockstar

My neighbor was recently purging her house of clutter and unused items. I happened to step outside right as she was leaving with a huge armload of boards. I mean, almost blocking her line of sight HUGE armload. I asked if I could help her carry those to her car and she said no, these… Continue reading Rustic Rockstar