This blog was created for the purpose of sharing ideas and projects, however, please remember that all original content, pictures are owned by Bliss on a Budget. Please do not edit our content to use as your own. By all means, use pictures, but please link back directly to original post. Pinning back to original post is of course welcome. You may not use images from Bliss on a Budget to share on Instagram or other social media as your own, or bury credit in the hashtags, nor use images to your own context that does not feature, relate, and link back to the original project. Remember, we all work hard on our projects and are proud of them, so of course we want credit for our own work.

Conversely, any other content featured on Bliss on a Budget will be credited to original owner to the best of my knowledge. If your content is featured on Bliss on a Budget and you would like it removed, please contact me and I will remove it immediately.


Bliss on a Budget may contain advertisements and affiliate links. Affiliate links mean I may receive a commission on sales of that product linked to my content. However, I only recommend products that I like or use myself. All opinions, beliefs and recommendations are my own and are not influenced by advertisers.


This blog is for entertainment purposes only. Please do not consider me an expert and please consult a professional when necessary. Use common sense. Read all safety warnings and instructions before using an unknown or new product, and take all safety precautions. Bliss on a Budget is not liable for any damage or injury incurred while following a tutorial on this blog. Honestly, I do not want to see any of you wonderful readers hurt!


If you need more info or have further questions please contact me at Blissonabudgetdiy@gmail.com


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